We can help your children gain better knowledge and higher grades.

Does your daughter or son occasionally or regularly run into problems at school? No wonder. Learning difficulties are routinely seen in three out of four children.

OpenProf helps the students overcome them: it makes it easier and faster to master the material and achieve higher grades.

Below you can check out why over 100.000 students and parents trust us – or create a free parent account right away.

preverjeni učitelji
Validated materials
All materials are reviewed and approved by several independent creators

Unlike many other web portals, all content on OpenProf is created, reviewed several times and validated by the teaching community, which already has thousands of members.

Steps and solutions
We teach children to solve exercises correctly

In step-by-step solutions, the theory is applied on a purely practical level. In this way, your children get to know the application of the theory in different circumstances – which leads to a deeper understanding of the theory and the development of skills and self-confidence in solving tasks.

With us, all exercises are equipped with detailed courses, which helps children become more independent and effective in learning.

Understandable theory
Free textbooks

A well-written theory is the foundation of a sound understanding. We are also aware of this at OpenProf, where we have developed an effective way of writing quality theoretical materials. Our theories are considered one of the most understandable – and are always just a click away from the exercises.

Fast communication
Knowledge-oriented community

Your children can contact the OpenProf community for further clarification on the learning contents. It consists of teachers from Slovenian primary and secondary schools, verified instructors and, of course, their classmates.

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What other parents whose children already use OpenProf say

I am a mother of an “aspiring” high school student, and with the help of OpenProf I am updating my knowledge to help her more easily. Now, she uses the portal also independently. She is successful at school, and all in all, it is much cheaper than individual instruction.

Mom, Liverpool

OpenProf is great for gaining knowledge and solving tasks. The theory and, above all, well-explained step-by-step solutions enable independent learning and detailed problem-solving. OpenProf really makes it easier to help my granddaughter.

Jane S.
Student's grandmother, London

I recommend OpenProf to all parents who want less stressful afternoons and more successful children. We stopped buying textbooks because all the theory is on OpenProf.

Student's father, Birstol

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