Theories list

Addition of Forces for KS4

Alternating Voltage

Angular Momentum

Atomic and Molecular Masses

Atomic Interaction with Photons

Atomic Nucleus

Atomic Structure


Change of State

Circular Motion for A-Level

Circular Motion for KS4

Deformation of Solids

Density of a Substance

Diffraction Grating

Doppler Effect

Einstein's Mass-Energy Equation

Elastic Energy for A-Levels

Electric Charge

Electric Current

Electric Power for A-Levels

Electrical resistance

Energy Levels of Atoms

First Law of Thermodynamics

Force and Acceleration

Force as a Vector

Forces in a Circular Path

Forces in an Electric field - Coulomb's Law

Forces on an Inclined Plane

Friction and bonding force

Gas Laws and Ideal Gas Equation

Gravitational Field

Heat and Temperature

Heat Energy

Heat Transfer

Helical Spring Pendulum

Horizontal Projectile Motion

Introduction to Electrostatics

Introduction to Force

Introduction to Light

Jet Force

Kinetic Energy for A-Levels

Magnetic Field Density

Magnetic Field Strength

Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor

Magnetic Force on Charged Particles

Magnetic Induction

Measuring Forces with Springs



Motion of a Charged Particle in an Electric Field

Newton's First Law of Motion for KS4

Newton's Second Law of Motion

Newton's Third Law of Motion

Nuclear Reactions

Object in a Magnetic Field

Optical Imaging - Lenses

Optical Imaging - Mirrors

Oscillator Circuit


Photons and Photoelectric Effect

Potential Energy for A-Levels

Potential Energy for KS4

Power for A-Levels

Pressure in Fluids for A-Levels

Progressive Longitudinal Wave

Progressive Transverse Wave

Propagation of Sound


Reflection and Refraction of Light

Refraction, Diffraction, and Interference of sound

Resolution of Forces

Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Pendulum

Sound Energy

Sound Waves

Stationary transverse wave

Surface Tension

Thermal Equilibrium

Thermal Expansion


Torque of a Magnetic Force


Uniform Circular Motion

Uniform Motion for A-Level

Uniformly Accelerated Motion for A-Level

Uniformly Accelerated Motion for KS4

Unit conversion

Upthrust for A-Level

Vertical Motion under Gravity for A-Levels

Vertical Motion under Gravity for KS4


Water Waves

Work for A-Levels

Work for KS4