Learning with OpenProf ensures higher grades.

OpenProf is a proven solution and works like having a personal tutor next to you.
We guarantee an increase in knowledge and school grades.

What is OpenProf and why OpenProf?
At school, a problem solving skills are evaluated. OpenProf teaches you such skills.

In the vast majority of cases, students are expected to posses the knowledge of practical problem solving. The problem is that there is not enough time in school for students to practice enough, resulting in students not being adequately prepared for the tests.

The feeling studens have is as they would be torn between high expectations and lack of learning support. And due to the lack of learning support, many students find themselves in stressful situations, to which they naturally respond by losing motivation and developing a negative attitude towards individual subjects.

OpenProf brings a solution to this long-overlooked problem. In the form of textbooks and tutorials, we offer problems with detailed step-by-step solutions. This helps you learn to apply theory on a purely practical level and shine in school. Learning with OpenProf is almost like having a personal teacher with you all the time, guiding you from the beginning of the problem to its solution.

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