General Terms and Conditions

Welcome to OpenProf

The following are the general terms and conditions of the OpenProf website. If you already have a profile at OpenProf as a student or parent, in addition to the General Terms and Conditions, also Terms and Conditions for Registered Parents and/or Students apply to you. If you have a profile at OpenProf as a (private) teacher or professor, in addition to the General Terms and Conditions, also Terms and Conditions for Registered Teachers apply to you. If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us here.


Portal, OpenProf portal: a site located at and all its other subdomains

The Portal Administrator is OPROF d.o.o., Ulica bratov Učakar 60, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

A User is any natural or legal person who uses the OpenProf Portal in any way.

A Private Profile are subpages of the Portal that are accessible to the User only after registration or sign-in with a username and password.

A Registered User is any User who has registered and thus created their own Private Profile.

The Underlying Idea of the OpenProf Portal is a website that, in addition to learning content, also offers a platform for establishing contact between providers and seekers of knowledge.

General provisions

Users of the OpenProf Portal and all its subdomains undertake to abide by the terms and conditions set out below.

The terms and conditions apply to all OpenProf Users, and the Portal Administrator may change or amend them without prior notice. The new terms and conditions come into force when they are published on the OpenProf Portal and replace the old ones.

The content of the OpenProf Portal is copyrighted. Texts, graphics, images, logos, buttons, software, documents, files, learning materials and other elements of the Portal may not be used in any other way than as provided by the Portal Administrator.

In certain cases, parts of the content of the Portal are not the property of the Portal Administrator (such as the logo of the registered advertiser, the content of advertisements and personal presentations of the registered advertiser, etc.). In these cases, the Portal Administrator is not responsible for the content published on the pages of the OpenProf Portal.

Obligations of the Users

The User undertakes to:
  • Use the OpenProf Portal in the spirit and in accordance with the Underlying Idea of the OpenProf Portal;
  • Operate in accordance with national law applicable in the country in which the OpenProf domain/subdomain operates;
  • Not use the OpenProf Portal for:
    • Advertising, offering or selling any products or services not in line with the Underlying Idea and purpose of the OpenProf Portal,
    • Activities that would damage the reputation and/or operation and/or use of the OpenProf Portal and the Portal Administrator;
  • Become thoroughly acquainted with the guidelines and rules of use, which are additionally attached on individual subpages, and will fully comply with them. In doing so, the User understands and accepts that the guidelines may change without notice.

The OpenProf Portal Disclaimer

The OpenProf Users understand and accept that:
  • They use the Portal at their own risk;
  • The Portal Administrator is not responsible for the accuracy of the data published on the OpenProf Portal;
  • The Portal Administrator does not interfere with the relationship between the provider and the consumer of services; the price of the services is solely a matter of agreement between the person providing the service and the person requesting the service;
  • The Portal Administrator is not responsible for the consequences of agreements made with the help of information published on the OpenProf Portal;
  • The Portal Administrator is not liable for damage that is or could be caused by improper operation or failure of the OpenProf Portal; it is also not possible to claim in any way any damages related to loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of credit and/or data or indirect damages that could result from the use of the OpenProf services;
  • Except in cases provided by law, the Portal Administrator does not accept any responsibility for the proper operation of the OpenProf Portal.

Availability of the OpenProf Portal

As a rule, the Portal Administrator provides access for use every day of the year, 24 hours a day, except in the case of short interruptions due to technical reasons. In the case of longer disruptions during major technical interventions, the Administrator will inform the Users of the Portal about the planned disruptions.

For security reasons, the time for entering data into online forms is limited to 15 minutes, after which the session ends automatically. Please save your data more often to avoid data loss.

Collection and protection of personal data

Registered Users allow the OpenProf Portal to collect data generated by using the OpenProf Portal.

The OpenProf Portal Administrator declares that it operates under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The information obtained at the OpenProf Portal will be used solely for the provision of the Portal services and will in no case be passed on to a third party unless otherwise provided by law.

Deviation from the General Terms and Conditions

Any user may deviate from the General Terms and Conditions by ceasing to use the OpenProf Portal.

Dispute resolution

The court in Ljubljana, Slovenia, shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes. In dispute resolution, Slovenian law shall be applied.