Can’t solve the exercises? And the test is just around the corner? 😱

You are not alone. Three out of four students regularly face a similar problem. We created OpenProf precisely with the aim of supporting you in this sensitive moment: with us, you learn the material more straightforward and faster and reach for higher grades (verified).

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Steps and solutions
Discover the secrets of solving exercises correctly

We master the subject matter only when we can apply the theory in practice. However, we cannot learn to solve practical problems only with theory – we must practice.

For this purpose, we have developed a database of exercises equipped with detailed step-by-step solutions. With our exercise database, you can cut your learning time considerably and deepen the learning itself: when you run into a problem, you can quickly find the point where you are stuck. When you master the problem, you move on to more difficult cases.

Comprehensible theory
Conquer the foundations of a subject faster

A well-written theory is the foundation of a good understanding. We are also aware of this at OpenProf, where we have developed an effective way of writing theoretical materials. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more of our users recognise us as a provider with the best-written theories.

Fast communication
Ask the community for help

If despite all the procedures and understandable theory, you are still stuck, there is a community of teachers, instructors and, of course, your classmates within the OpenProf platform who can help you out.

Validated materials
Worry-free use of our content

Don’t worry. We didn’t download the content from various portals. All content on OpenProf is verified and unique. It has been prepared and tested several times by the community of teachers and instructors, boasting already over 2,500 members.

It’s really high time to take a look at OpenProf from the inside!

What do other students who already use OpenProf say?

OpenProf is one of the best apps I use for learning. I was looking for several different exercises, and I have a lot of them here, together with step-by-step solutions. It really is an excellent site with great explanations.

Mark R.
High school student, Manchester

In OpenProf, I found an alternative to much more expensive instructions. I now have, for the price, a few hours of instruction, year-round access to all subjects. I can use my pocket money for something else, but I don’t have to drive elsewhere for instructions.

Middle school student, Dundee

I had quite a few math problems as I didn’t understand how to tackle the concrete exercise from start to finish. With the step-by-step solutions at OpenProf, I found out where I got stuck before. Before the tests, I am much calmer now. I also raised my grades. I recommend it.

High school student, Leeds

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