Elastic and Plastic Behaviour

Elastic and Plastic Behaviour problem 19

Three bodies of masses , and lie in the same plane on a horizontal surface as shown in the figure below:

Bodies on a horizontal base

The surface is smooth on the left side of point 0 and rough on the right side. Between bodies A and B is a light spring with a spring constant of . Bodies A and B are tied with a rope so that the spring is compressed by 2.0 cm.

  • How much elastic energy does the compressed spring have?

  • If the rope is immediately cut to release the compressed spring. At what speed will the bodies A and B fly away?

  • How much distance does body A travel on the rough surface? (Coefficient of friction between body A and the surface is ).

  • Body B collides inelastically with body C. What is the common velocity of the combined bodies?

  • What percentage of kinetic energy is lost in the inelastic collision of bodies B and C?


material editor: Habeeb Adenle