Thermal Capacity

Thermal Capacity problem 34

Determine whether each of the statements is correct:

  • The heat flow rate tells us how much heat per second a warmer body emits to the surroundings.

  • The higher the quantity of heat transferred, the higher the heat flow rate and the longer the heat transfer time.

  • The unit of heat flow rate is Joule.

  • The heat flow rate is independent of the substance through which the heat flows.

  • If two bodies of the same mass and of the same substance are heated at different speeds, the heat flow rate in the substance that heats up faster is greater.

  • Two bodies of equal mass heat up equally fast. The heat flow rate in both bodies is the same.

  • In winter, a house has a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the heat flow rate through the outer walls of the house is zero.


material editor: Gabriel Amakhabi