Internal Energy

Internal Energy problem 20

Select the correct option(s) in each of the list below:

  • Which of the following can be considered as internal energy?

    • Kinetic energy of a body.

    • Kinetic energy of molecules of matter.

    • Potential energy of a body.

    • Elastic energy of the molecules of matter.

  • What is the difference between internal energy and heat?

    • No differences.

    • Heat is just a type of internal energy.

    • Heat is the energy that is transferred between bodies and thus increases or decreases their internal energy.

  • How does the internal energy depend on the speed of motion of the molecules of matter?

    • It does not depend.

    • It increases with the speed of the molecules.

    • It decreases with the speed of the molecules.

  • Can the molecules of matter be completely at rest?

    • Yes, it can be at a temperature of .

    • No, it can't be.

  • How can we change the internal energy?

    • By adding or subtracting heat.

    • By adding or subtracting mechanical work.

    • By adding or subtracting heat and mechanical work.


material editor: Joanah Frank