Internal Energy

Internal Energy problem 22

Pick the correct option in the list below:

  • When a substance performs mechanical work, how does its internal energy change?

    • Increases.

    • Decreases.

    • Remains unchanged.

  • Can we add heat to a substance without changing its internal energy? Consider the possibility that the substance can also simultaneously emit or receive mechanical work.

    • Yes, we can.

    • No, we can't.

  • Two bodies of the same substance but different masses are at the same temperature. Which substance has higher internal energy?

    • The body with greater mass.

    • The body with lower mass.

    • Both have the same internal energy.

  • Can a substance at a higher temperature have less internal energy than a substance at a lower temperature?

    • Yes

    • No

  • What kind of energies can we change with work?

    • Kinetic energy.

    • Potential energy.

    • Elastic energy.

    • Internal energy.

    • All of the above.


material editor: Joanah Frank