Momentum and Newton's Laws of Motion

Momentum and Newton's Laws of Motion problem 28

With the help of Newton's second law, explain the following phenomena:

  • We are standing in a bus when it suddenly starts. Why can we lose our balance? In which direction can we fall if we face the direction of travel? How do we prevent this?

  • A weight is hanging on a rope attached to the ceiling of a car. In which direction will it deviate during acceleration and in which direction during braking?

  • We are sitting in a car. We have a container of water in our hands. We observe the water level. How do we know when a car is accelerating, braking, or driving steadily?

  • We lower a 15 kg sand container uniformly with a rope. How much force do we feel in our hands? Do we feel more or less force while dropping the container on the ground?

  • Explain how the seat belt works during a sudden stop. What does the force with which the belt acts on the driver when it stops depend on?

  • When a plane accelerates along the runway we feel it sticking us to the backrest. Explain the phenomenon.


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