Simple Machines

Simple Machines problem 1

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

  • We do less work using tools than without tools.

  • If we use tools to work, we will get the job done faster.

  • With garden shears, roses will be easier to cut if the shears are held at the end of the handles and the roses are placed between the blade as close to the axis of rotation as possible.

  • It is easier to lift a bag of cement with a pulley using less force than with a fixed pulley.

  • Mack will use an overhanging swing to lift a box weighing 10 kg. The swing is the same length on both sides. He places the box on the first extreme end and acts with force down on the other extreme end. He will succeed in lifting the box if he pushes the other side of the swing to the ground with a force of 150 N.

  • Joe and Peter, who are equally heavy, climb from the same altitude to 650 m. Joe climbs to this height along an almost vertical wall, and Peter reaches the top on foot up the hill. In doing so, Joe does more work than Peter.


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